My name is Frederick Fairytale. I'm a photographer & musician.
Born and raised in Berlin and still living here in my hometown. The city has changed over the last 35 years, but I still find plenty of inspiration. 
What I like to do is work with the mood of my romanticized, nostalgic soul. It's a bit difficult to explain, but you can see it in my photos.
What I love are the looks and the vibes of the 60s & 70s and the modern technical possibilities. So I'm kind of a vintage-retro-digital hybrid, I guess.
Nostalgic romance is blossoming in my heart.
What remains are the photos.
The photos of the people.
Posted, linked, reeled and storyed.
But above all – printed.
Because that's the important thing.
One day, listening to the records from back then, we all dig out the old photos from the shoe boxes and remember - happy to have these memories.

"[...] as if he had taken the pictures out of my head and put his personal stamp on them."
"I haven't felt as beautiful as I did in these photos in a long time...“ 
"I was super nervous before, but he created a familiar atmosphere very quickly, you feel like in a Max Herre song (Ich lass mich fallen [...])“
“Incredible colors! Can't get enough of it. Good job!”
“I don't know how to thank you, this shoot has done a lot to me.”
This is my favorite music.
I get so much inspiration and joy whenever I hear these songs.
Use the playlist to write, to shoot and to wake up. It's very long, you can do a lot while listening to this list of songs. :-)
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